31 March, 2007

Something I have never done before

Yesterday I had a very boring meeting in Bendigo. (Actually thats not really true, the meeting was fine and it went quite well, it's just I was there was a witness, rather than a participant) So as I had nothing to do, I spent the time writing a short story. Given that I was feeling, shall we say, somewhat frisky, it ended up being a slightly rude story. It's only mostly finished and I'm not sure if a)I'll finished it. b)I'll bother typing it or c)What I'll do with it then. But it was fun (all 15 odd pages of hand written bad spelling!)

The last time I had to write any kind of story was in primary school. It was like pulling teeth because I hated writing and because I didn't read very much at that stage (I only really got into reading in High School) I don't think I knew how it should be. This story just seemed to come out. Think think think, write write write and there you are. Not that this sort of rude story involves all that much plot and not character development. but still I was surprised. Also, unlike in exams, my hand only got sort after about 4-5 hrs of writing, rather than about 40min in an exam. Interesting.

28 March, 2007

My kindred spirit

I think I have found my kindred spirit. This girl is me, but she looks different (is more stylish) and lives in Sydney. Today's post on her blog is about annoying things people do in traffic, on PT, in general, and although it makes us both sound like "grumpy old women", I don't care as I am one (except the old bit) So here is my addition to the list:

  • People who call for both sets of lifts (in the tower of two sets) from the basement, when they can only get in one lift, then they get off at the ground anyway!!
  • People who take the lift one floor, haven't they heard of stairs?
  • People at public events who pig out on free samples.
  • People who “push in” in queues
  • People in general (is that too broad?)

Ok, that’s enough of a rant for today, I had better do some work!

27 March, 2007

Some People.........

Some people really do have no idea. I have an external service provider who I am convinced gets other people to answer his phone, then depending who it is, he many or many not be in. I generally get an email from him fairly soon after I ring. What a crappy shit person!

Having a head cold is really not putting me in the most charitable mood. I spent lunch time in the park, on a rug, in the sun; very pleasant. I am going to make Thai Pumkin Soup for tea tonight. My head hurts. :( Can I go home now?

25 March, 2007

Wicked Sunday

What a good day I have had (awful cold not with standing)! A bit of a sleep in, not even counting the end of day light savings, then into town to the food and wine festivals Wicked Sunday in at fed square. A day of chocolate and other bad things with two lovely ladies from work and one of their relatives. We wondered around, had samples of chocolate, ate cheese, drank wine, watched performances of stuff and wondered around some more. The millions of people were mostly fine, people with prams suck everywhere so they didn't count. I then did a bit of shopping in the city with one of my days companions and then home to dinner and veging in front of the tv. Now I am nearly dead and am going to bed!

20 March, 2007

Shepard avocados

The most useless thing in the world. Now tell me Mr' Genetic Engineer, what was the point of inventing an avocado that never ripens and is always rock hard? You can't spread it on sandwiches, you can't make it into guacamole and it's even still crunchy after you cook it in pasta.


19 March, 2007

Big Mouth

or in this case, it was fingers. I am playing the pirate game and I think I have just made a boo boo. I do this all the time. Some one will tell me something, that I think everyone, esp the person it's about, knows. Then I go and talk to the person about it and discover they didn't know. oops

At least I haven't made that sort of mistake in real life for a while.......... oh wait yes I have, last time I was completely rat arsed, the evening before the hangover at the start of this blog. In my cheery drunken way I mentioned that this bloke seemed as 'camp as a row of tents'. The lady in question was/is his girl friend, so I thought it must be really obvious to her, but apparently not. oops. One day I will learn tact, but not today. Better luck tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day!

14 March, 2007

Paddle Pop

During our refreshing lunch time walk, we decided that some ice creams were in order. After looking in three shops we finally found one that sold ice creams. I picked a triple choc crunch paddle pop. Yum. (I wanted to link to and interesting web site at this point, but I can't seem to find one) They seem to be changing the shape of paddle pops, to a squarer longer shape, ie less paddle shaped, which strikes me as a little odd.

Many things seem to change over the years and it is only when you have something that you remember from your childhood that you feel a bit sad that things change...... Now I just feel old :( (and I try so hard not to just bitch about stuff in these posts!)

11 March, 2007


Today was my friend's Heather and Myles (now Tauchert)'s wedding. I haven't really been to a wedding before this one and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had my dress already, with hardly any last minute sewing. My hair was a bit of a challenge, what with last minute henna and trying to get it too look like Captain Janeway from the first season of Voyager. So we arrived, Neil's Jag was being one of the wedding cars and we had it decked out with white ribbons. I found some people I knew, and we all stood around and waited for the bride. Being Heather and a bride, of course, she was a bit late. I heard a bit of a rumour that there was last minute sewing (completely UN-surprising.)

So Heather walked down the aisle, on the arm of her father, George. They both looked fantastic. I know Heather and George had been working on her dress for best part of 12 months. There was only a minimum of shaky hands on both the bride and the grooms behalf, I personally didn't see it. When the celebrant started the ceremony I really did think the whole thing was rather wankie, but I warmed to her and by the end after all the vows and readings and poems had been read it was really quite nice and personal. Heather and Myles then relaxed a lot and it was really clear how happy they were.

Many pictures later we had all jumped into cars and moved onto the venue for the reception. After some more standing around, the food arrived, which was STUNNINGLY good. There were speeches (best man's: Fantastic; Bride maid's: bitter as hell; everyone else's: good), there was cake (amazing, made by Myles' cousin), there were Heather's amusing relations from the UK and Myles' odd muso friends. I was having an in-odorant amount of issues with my contact lenses and was extremely tired. As we were staying on site, I went to bed rather early. But a good event all round.

08 March, 2007

Busy Day

Getting things done. Had a fun trip to Lincraft for lunch. Be in database land. I'm already for my all day meeting tomorrow which should go well. I have many things to do at the moment. Get passport photos; make maps for CCR; book savory miffins; finish wedding costume; ring Mary about the puppy; make list of jobs for the house; make shirts (get pattern first); finish my 'old' job; get new job under control; dye my hair; wash the dogs; tidy my room; mow the back lawn; change phone bill details

Is that enough? I think so!

05 March, 2007


My Day So Far
  • Slept in
  • Had to get petrol on the way to work
  • Took work car back late
  • House still not settled
  • Came back from lunch and had 3min before a meeting
Sufficed to say, I have had enough.......... and it's only 2.35pm

04 March, 2007


Oh dear. No puppy school for a couple of weeks now! Clara is in season again. But it does mean that I will be able to do more 'work from home', because as she has to be kept inside from the next month(!!!) or so, I will leave late and come home early and do bits of work at home before and after going in. I don't like to leave the dogs inside for too many more hours a day than is totally necessary.

Other than that, today has been fairly productive on the sewing front. The jacket is coming together nicely. I bought buttons for it yesterday, they were really expensive ($2 each) but they have cool dragons on them. I got normally material for the lining, rather than actual lining, cos it feels much nicer.

Mum is down visiting at the moment, which is great she is helping with my coat, but can also be a bit of a trail.

01 March, 2007

Ne Sleepy Pas

Well, that’s the extent of my French. I don't know why, but I just wasn't tired last night. I went to bed, and just laid there. After a bit I decided that as silly, and put the light on to read, thing 'after a bit my eyes will get tired and I'll sleep'. It was a brand new book I was reading, quite good, both not earth shattering, and I didn't get tired. I read and read and read, I checked the time, 3am, Neil woke up, I checked the time, nearly 5am, still not really feeling tired but I thought I should make another sleeping effort. I did fall asleep then, but I tell you what I'm starting to feel it a bit now. I have to go to a meeting in 30 or so min and try and sound intelligent, then get a work car and drive home.

I am going to the centre of the universe tomorrow, known to the rest of the world as Tatura. I have never been there before. Hopefully the meeting will not be toooooo boring,........ I'm not holding my breath.